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Pre-order yourself a Christmas present. 🎁

My 2nd book [TBA] essays on early-stage startup growth will be available as an ebook to enjoy during your well-earned Christmas holidays.

Almost 3 years ago I joined VC after working in multiple startups as a founder or operator. I spent 2.5 years in portfolio development implementing my past learnings at scale on our almost 100 portfolio companies before joining the investment team.

This book is a collection of learnings during these years following my journey and areas I’ve been focusing on from identifying a perfect founding team to coach them to raise a significant seed round. 

Essay sections:
  1. Growth
  2. Growth hacking
  3. Founders
  4. Narrative
  5. Numbers
  6. Investors
Exact number of essays of this collection will be something between 50-100.

Book is a recommended read for startup founders at every stage similarly to pre-founders planning their first startup.

Ebook will be available for download on this page as soon as it's published on 24.12.2022.
You will get a PNG (116KB) file

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